Review: Trader Joe’s Vintage Orange Cream

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Trader Joe's Vintage Orange Cream Soda

It is not very often I get to go to Trader Joe’s the nearest one being about forty-five minutes away seems so close yet when I need to grocery shop gets further and further away. One this day I was heading to my old college roommate’s town to go on a brewery tour at the Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plains, MA. On the way knowing I pass right by a Trader Joe’s and I stopped there as a rest stop.  Searching the drink aisle I came across the vintage soda line and picked up a four pack for later.

To be honest the closest thing I have had to an orange cream soda is an Orange Julius. The drink was bright orange light a typical orange soda would be but it was not clear the solid orange color burning a hole in my retina. I took my first sip, sweet orange cream flavor rushed over my palate. The first thing I noticed was the real sugar, sweet but no too heavy. The second was the sweet orange flavor being chased by the creamy finish, that masked the further complex orange notes to come through. Although I missed the complete orange taste the creaminess did remind me of that combination or orange and vanilla of an Orange Julius but had the sharp bite of the carbonation to follow it.

It was another good pick for a first time try. I would buy this again but it would not make one of my everyday soda lists.


Review: Gamer Orange

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Gamer Orange

The marketing team over at DSJ Beverages sent me several samples of their Gamer beverage to try out. I first found Gamer while still attending university in New Hampshire. I had head to the small supermarket, the DUMP, as we called it for some paste, sauce, bread, and meat to make dinner with. When I had finally got to the front of the checkout I saw the Gamer bottles and decided to try it.

At that time they only had two flavors, lime and grape. Today I am taste testing one of their newer flavors orange.

Gamer orange smells and taste to me what a good orange soda should. It tastes natural, mainly flavored with orange oil or orange skins, and smells like the fruit it came from. Its lightly carbonated but it also holds for a long amount of time. Its complex orange flavor is sweet but also slightly bitter, and fruity but also tart. Gamer orange is caffeine free and contains  100% of your daily B-1, a stress related vitamin. All in all gamer orange was a very good start to my Gamer tasting experience, so if you want you can order yourself some on their website or if you live in the Northeast at select grocery stores. Now I am off to go play some Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Check out for more information.

[Energy] Hi*Ball Energy Sparkling Water

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hi*ball energy orange sparkling water

Purchased at: Hannafords
Price: $?.??

Strolling through the natural and organic section of the grocery store I was looking for something unique and different. I found it in the form of an orange sparkling energy water. Hi*ball energy is a beverage company out of San Francisco that focuses on making natural and healthy beverages with an energy kick. It does so with a combination of taurine, gaurana, ginseng, b-vitamins, and 80mg of caffeine.

They have two types of drinks: juice and water. Their waters which I am trying today have zero sugar AND zero sweeteners. The sparkling water only has 10 calories per bottle and surprisingly doesn’t raise your cojones as some people maybe wonder.

It does however have a nice nose of orange faintly in the background. It slightly tastes of some sort of citrus acid in the back of tongue but overall there is not much flavor, just bubbles. While I am still growing to love sparkling waters there one is refreshing.

It has great potential to be used as a mixer in more adult beverages with some caution and to dilute calorie dense syrupy soda or juices.

Hi*ball energy has an interesting premise and I hope to try their juices soon. They have a very informative website and it’s clean and exciting. It displays the nine flavors they have as well as a bunch of social media links that are easy to find.

So what’s my final thought on the beverage? This particular drink gave me a nice energy kick that was nice after my morning workout. Although I wish there was some more flavor, being a sparkling water with 10 calories and no sugar or sweeteners I understand why. For a sparkling water however it had a nice natural smell and was rejuvenating.

Find hi*ball energy on twitter at

Energy kick really there
Pleasant natural orange smell
Good application for a mixer
10 calories
No sugar or sweeteners
No color dye
Variety of other flavors
Exciting Website

Sparkling waters can be harsh to the taste buds when you first drink them
Little orange flavor

Thirst Rate: B