Review: Pit Bull Cherry Lime

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Pitbull Cherry Lime

Today I am reviewing a can of Pit Bull Cherry Lime I received from a fellow reviewer who ran a contest over at BevNerd. Pit Bull is made in the USA by Hip Hop Beverage Corporation out of Carson, CA. They do a lot of charity work and community awareness in the area of health and they support our troops, which is all fantastic.

Before work I chilled down one of the cans I received of the flavor I was most interested in trying, Cherry lime. I popped it open and did a long pour into a pint glass I chilled. The clear pinkish-red beverage filled out the glass and the foam disappeared quickly.

The smell was heavy on cherry and was reminiscent of Ludent’s cough drops. The taste confirmed for me a bit medicinal like taste, which it not always a bad thing. The cherry was heavy on the tongue until it faded away to a citrus finish. The sweet and sour notes mixed and gave each taste a chance to shine when you drink a large gulp. The one thing I would pick on was the fact I felt the lime flavor was trumped by the cherry most of the time and was only short lived as a finishing note.

Not perfect but few drinks are Pit Bull Cherry Lime puts arguably one of the best fruit combos together in a strong energy drink that only lacks in its balance and odd sight medicinal flavor.


[Soda] Fan Dewmonium Part IV: Supernova Vs. Distortion

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Supernova Vs Distortion

Diet Mountain Dew Distortion is a green, lime flavored Mountain Dew. Part of Diet Mountain Dew challenge series of flavors. It contains only high caffeine like most of the Mountain Dew’s are known for. It boosts a bright neon lime color and high carbonation. The Distortion flavor was also part of this year’s DEWmocracy: Collective Intelligence promotion and finished in third place. The lime flavor however artificial is bright and bold. I like the taste and compare it the lime version of LiveWire.

Diet Mountain Dew Supernova is a strawberry melon flavored Diet Mountain Dew. Part of Diet Mountain Dew challenge series of flavors. It contains not only high caffeine as all Mountain Dew does, but ginseng as well. It boosts a clear fuchsia color and high carbonation. Both the melon and the berry are detectable on the nose when I first smelled it. The Supernova flavor was part of the first DEWmocracy: Collective Intelligence promotion and finished in second place. The balance between the melon and strawberry was just right. Neither one overpowers the next flavor.

This is another tough decision to pick a winner, I liked both of them. I do think distortion being a recent flavor in the mind of dew heads and it being a singular flavor may give it the edge. My end decision goes to Distortion for this round but again I would be happen to have both of them win.