Review: Pit Bull Cherry Lime

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Pitbull Cherry Lime

Today I am reviewing a can of Pit Bull Cherry Lime I received from a fellow reviewer who ran a contest over at BevNerd. Pit Bull is made in the USA by Hip Hop Beverage Corporation out of Carson, CA. They do a lot of charity work and community awareness in the area of health and they support our troops, which is all fantastic.

Before work I chilled down one of the cans I received of the flavor I was most interested in trying, Cherry lime. I popped it open and did a long pour into a pint glass I chilled. The clear pinkish-red beverage filled out the glass and the foam disappeared quickly.

The smell was heavy on cherry and was reminiscent of Ludent’s cough drops. The taste confirmed for me a bit medicinal like taste, which it not always a bad thing. The cherry was heavy on the tongue until it faded away to a citrus finish. The sweet and sour notes mixed and gave each taste a chance to shine when you drink a large gulp. The one thing I would pick on was the fact I felt the lime flavor was trumped by the cherry most of the time and was only short lived as a finishing note.

Not perfect but few drinks are Pit Bull Cherry Lime puts arguably one of the best fruit combos together in a strong energy drink that only lacks in its balance and odd sight medicinal flavor.


[Beer] Narragansett Light

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Narragansett Light

Today I will be reviewing Narragansett Light beer, I loved the regular lager but how will its light version rate.

I am not typically a light beer drinker but I had a bud light or few back in my college days. To review this one I will compare it against Bud light as a baseline.

The pour of the light beer is beautiful. It lands in the glass and creates a fluffy cloud of ivory white foam on the top of the glass that is short lived. The beer is very clear and is a light amber straw color. The smell is extremely malty and of slight hops on the nose. The carbonation is on the averages size.

The taste is almost exactly what I detected in smell. Both the malt and hops notes are extremely light. The finish is some what dry and somewhat bitter. This beer is very drinkable still however. It’s a beer for a good pub pizza, a day on the lawnmower, or pacing yourself during a football day or in multiple rounds of beer pong. I probably would not buy this one again, but as I stated I am not a light beer drinker. If I could give it grade it would receive a B-, and may occasionally be in my fridge for guests that drink light beer and for parties and mixed bomb drinks.

Although I wasn’t wow’d by this light beer, I didn’t really expect to be since I am used to much stronger and more complex full calorie brews. I still highly recommend you check out the Gansett Lager and I will be reviewing the upcoming Gansett Porter when it lands in a few weeks.