Review: Trader Joe’s Vintage Orange Cream

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Trader Joe's Vintage Orange Cream Soda

It is not very often I get to go to Trader Joe’s the nearest one being about forty-five minutes away seems so close yet when I need to grocery shop gets further and further away. One this day I was heading to my old college roommate’s town to go on a brewery tour at the Samuel Adams Brewery in Jamaica Plains, MA. On the way knowing I pass right by a Trader Joe’s and I stopped there as a rest stop.  Searching the drink aisle I came across the vintage soda line and picked up a four pack for later.

To be honest the closest thing I have had to an orange cream soda is an Orange Julius. The drink was bright orange light a typical orange soda would be but it was not clear the solid orange color burning a hole in my retina. I took my first sip, sweet orange cream flavor rushed over my palate. The first thing I noticed was the real sugar, sweet but no too heavy. The second was the sweet orange flavor being chased by the creamy finish, that masked the further complex orange notes to come through. Although I missed the complete orange taste the creaminess did remind me of that combination or orange and vanilla of an Orange Julius but had the sharp bite of the carbonation to follow it.

It was another good pick for a first time try. I would buy this again but it would not make one of my everyday soda lists.


Review: Jones Ginger Bread

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Jones Ginger Bread

I have been a fan of Jones for a while, not really for they’re regular flavors but their limited edition ones. This soda is actually my first Jones I have ever had, Ginger bread originally seen in the 2007 holiday pack is back.

Jones Soda was actually founded in Canada and has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

The 2011 Ginger Bread soda is a deep caramel brown color with a funny picture of someones dog licking his own face with a Santa hat on. Inside the cap it says a quote they admit taking from a fortune cookie mine was, “Prosperity and love are in reach.” You can submit your photos and quotes for the caps and bottles.

Taking my first taste of this unique beverage you are invited by a thick cream soda like flavor. Vanilla is one of the bases of a drink with a spiced finish. This would definitely would make good fodder for maybe like a eggnog ice cream and ginger bread soda float, yeah that sound good! It a very slow drinking soda as the spice can overwhelm you if you were to chug the whole thing. Not a bad start to the holiday pack, this soda is really special and something different that tastes good.

Next to be taste tested will be candy cane in a few posts or so.