Oogave Watermelon Cream Soda

Oogave Soda was not a known company to me until recently. A blogger friend of mine at Sodagiant had mentioned to me his contact with the company and it perked my interest. The first agave sweetened soda company from Denver, Colarado is a small soda business that was started just recently in 2005. The brainchild of Esteban Anson formed at his small natural food restaurant, he later decided to distribute accross the United States. I recently was sent a six soda sampler from the company with a slight casuality in shipping, I was very excited to try the most unique flavor of the bunch, watermelon cream.

How does it smell and look?

Opening up the bottle I didn’t know really what to expect, than it hit me. A bubblegum smell hit my nose, fruity and deep caramel sugary notes. The pale pink hue pours out lightly carbonated ready to drink.

How does it taste?

Wow, I knew at first it smelled like bubblegum, but when I took my first gulp I was very surprised the smell and taste were one. I mean if I tired real hard I could separate the two distinct flavors, the cream and watermelon. It was really one of the most unique sodas I have ever tried. The cream flavor may have been a little to strong with all the extra sweetness, from the agave, to really get a stronger sense of the watermelon inside the bottle. There was a deep sugary taste on the back end with raw sugar or caramel notes.

Would I buy this again?

Currently, Oogave is not available in my state of Massachusetts, but I would be able to order it online. This particular flavor I am glad I got to try once yet I don’t think its quite the flavor for me. The sugar being a little to strong on it and with the cream slightly overpowering the subtle watermelon. I would however send this as a gift to people to give it a try as I did. I am looking forward to trying some of the more classic flavors as the month goes on.