News: Narragansett Unveils New Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout

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Narragansett Unveils New Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout

I received a press release the other day about an upcoming new seasonal beer from Narragansett Brewing Co, later this month. This brew is a partnership with the brewery producing a great milk stout and blending with the iconic New England coffee brand, Autocrat. It will be exclusively available the week of December 16th in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut only.

Autocrat a Rhode Island staple is probably best known for their Coffee Syrup, used to make Coffee Milk most notably, in the iconic yellow bottle with a tiny red bird on it. This tasty product has been around New England since the 1930s.

Narragansett describes their newest craft brew as,

The full-bodied milk stout is enriched with the robust flavor of Autocrat Coffee to achieve an extraordinary taste experience. Brewed under the supervision of award-winning Brewmaster Sean Larkin, Narragansett’s Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout delivers a flavorful, smooth, dark brew with notes of roasted barley, chocolate malt and rich crystal malt. The exacting touch of hops provides just the right amount of bitterness to balance the sweet notes of the malts and milk sugar.”

Winter is the perfect time for a hearty sweet stout, especially around the holidays. This beer is sure to pair well with the dessert course of holiday dinner as well as other foods. I can’t wait to try this brew in a few short weeks myself.

Narragansett’s Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout, priced between $8.49 – $8.99 SRP (Suggested Retail Price) and the beer is 5.3 percent Alcohol by Volume and 30 IBUs (International Bitterness Units).

For further information on the Narragansett’s Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout or to find a retailer near you, visit


News: Narragansett Tall Boy Suit Stolen

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Tallboy Missing

UPDATE: The Tall boy suit has been found and was return to the Narragansett Beer Company.

One of my favorite local breweries, Narragansett Beer, from Rhode Island recently as of five days ago had one of their mascots suits stolen at the end of a event. Following is the information about the incident from the company’s website:

“The Tall Boy suit was stolen while we were cleaning up after the Neighbor Day Block Party on Saturday in Luongo Square of Providence. This is no joke. It may sound funny and yes Tall Boy can be comical, but this suit was really stolen from us. It is our property and expensive to make. He adds some life to all of our events and we want it back. We are offering a reward to anyone with information that leads to a safe return. If you’ve seen it or know anyone who has, please let us know. This isn’t just a case of beer. Whoever took it will be bragging to their friends and posting photos online. Could be in a college dorm or your neighbor’s house and anywhere from Boston to Westerly. Folks came from all over to the party. Not to mention Halloween is right around the corner. Please keep your eyes peeled and hit us up on Facebooktwitter, email (, or phone (4014378970) if you know of anything. And help us out by spreading the word. Together we will find it and bring Tall Boy home so we can all enjoy his smile at future events.”

Here is the owner of Narragansett Beer, Mark Hellendrung, addressing the issue on youtube.

Review: Narragansett Summer Ale

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The good people at Narragansett sent me over two sample cans of their summer brew. This is the first time in its 120 years of production that Narragansett has ever produced a seasonal summer craft brew. I could not be happier. One of the best things about summer besides the weather is from most people, the barbecue. In New England that means cooking up a few lobsters, roasting some fresh roast corn and red potatoes, and a ice cold beer. It is one of the most relaxing things to do on the few days off I have.

The beer not a heavy hitter with only 4.2% alcohol by volume. The perfect partner to a hot day of lawn mowing. This session Blonde Ale imitates a normal pale ale with spiced citrus and passion fruit notes.  The clear golden colored brew has a full think fluffy white head that lasts on for a bit. Then grainy light malt flavor is hidden on the edge of the sharp bitterness that peaks and cools.

This is a much bolder brew than most companies go with when branding a summer brew, but its a very welcome addition to my refrigerator this season. Look for it in the classic tallboy cans and draught at select local bars.

Check out for more info on this brew and where to find a location to purchase this and other Narragansett brews.