Review: Jones Ginger Bread

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Jones Ginger Bread

I have been a fan of Jones for a while, not really for they’re regular flavors but their limited edition ones. This soda is actually my first Jones I have ever had, Ginger bread originally seen in the 2007 holiday pack is back.

Jones Soda was actually founded in Canada and has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

The 2011 Ginger Bread soda is a deep caramel brown color with a funny picture of someones dog licking his own face with a Santa hat on. Inside the cap it says a quote they admit taking from a fortune cookie mine was, “Prosperity and love are in reach.” You can submit your photos and quotes for the caps and bottles.

Taking my first taste of this unique beverage you are invited by a thick cream soda like flavor. Vanilla is one of the bases of a drink with a spiced finish. This would definitely would make good fodder for maybe like a eggnog ice cream and ginger bread soda float, yeah that sound good! It a very slow drinking soda as the spice can overwhelm you if you were to chug the whole thing. Not a bad start to the holiday pack, this soda is really special and something different that tastes good.

Next to be taste tested will be candy cane in a few posts or so.


Review: Frostie Cherry Limeade

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Frostie Cherry Limeade

Ho Ho Ho! This time I am reviewing Frostie beverages that I received from the distributor that now has taken over ownership of the company. Frostie is an old fashioned soda from as early as 1939 when the owner used an old abandoned jailhouse to launch the drink. It was originally bottled in Cantonsville, Maryland near Baltimore. Intrastate distributors works out of Detroit, Michigan but I am unsure where the soda is bottled today.

Frostie Cherry Limeade again was one of the drinks when I first saw I had to try first. I have always loved the combination of cherry and citrus since I was a young kid going out to eat with my family to the Ground Round and would always drink a Shirley Temple with extra cherries.

The one thing that struck me right away was the clear bottle embossed with the Frostie named is beautiful, from the label to the bottle cap. Being that is winter the old man winter logo and snow is ever so fitting. I also loved the colors on it.

When I opened my first bottle I noticed a slight glitch, the dreaded twist off cap! In my experience drinking as many bottled sodas as I have, twist caps don’t give the pop and good seal a pry cap does and therefore loses carbonation either very quickly or don’t have a lot to start. The only other thing I would have liked to see is real sugar used instead of high fructose corn syrup.

The taste was great though the brightly sweet maraschino cherry flavors hits you first and foremost with the lime being detectable all the way though and more pronounced at the finish. A solid drink that reminded me of past, easier times.

If you want however, good luck, it has been very hard for me to find. I have to contact the distributors directly to get samples since I couldn’t find them in stores around my area.

Review: Pit Bull Cherry Lime

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Pitbull Cherry Lime

Today I am reviewing a can of Pit Bull Cherry Lime I received from a fellow reviewer who ran a contest over at BevNerd. Pit Bull is made in the USA by Hip Hop Beverage Corporation out of Carson, CA. They do a lot of charity work and community awareness in the area of health and they support our troops, which is all fantastic.

Before work I chilled down one of the cans I received of the flavor I was most interested in trying, Cherry lime. I popped it open and did a long pour into a pint glass I chilled. The clear pinkish-red beverage filled out the glass and the foam disappeared quickly.

The smell was heavy on cherry and was reminiscent of Ludent’s cough drops. The taste confirmed for me a bit medicinal like taste, which it not always a bad thing. The cherry was heavy on the tongue until it faded away to a citrus finish. The sweet and sour notes mixed and gave each taste a chance to shine when you drink a large gulp. The one thing I would pick on was the fact I felt the lime flavor was trumped by the cherry most of the time and was only short lived as a finishing note.

Not perfect but few drinks are Pit Bull Cherry Lime puts arguably one of the best fruit combos together in a strong energy drink that only lacks in its balance and odd sight medicinal flavor.

Review: 5150 Energy

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5150 Energy BoxI review this for science! No, it’s not combustible lemonade but instead I received 5150 energy back in October. I decided the best way to test it was too buy several of my on the go drink mixes and pack them to travel with me to NYC Comic Con. If you didn’t here I was invited to go with my new friend Geeg, with Ahab’s Adventures. We got press passes and were at the four day event for almost 13 hours a day with the exception of Sunday.

When I first open the boxes of 5150 energy I was a little scared, I mean they came with syringes for dosing.

5150 Syringe

After I opened it it went straight into my backpack with Kool-aid instant orange, Crystal Light pink lemonade, Ocean Spray cranberry lemonade, Arizona Arnold Palmer half & half packets and my Nalgene bottle.

The first day we got to New York we calm and I didn’t use the product until around 8pm that night I decided to open the sweetened bottle and do a double dose with my cranberry lemonade as we went for the one hour trip to the place we were staying. The drink was good and I got the kick I needed for      the walk home. After getting lost like three times trying to find our home for the next couple days I was beat.

I used the product several more times during the weekend and it was greatly appreciated by me and some other people in the press room. The sweetened version does not really change the taste of the products you mix it with, where the unsweetened regular one if you use 2.5 doses it starts to add a slight bitter taste the your beverage. 5150 Energy is a great product and a great innovation in do it yourself beverages. One other thing I have made with the 5150 product is caffeinated body wash on the last day we were in New York. It seems to make waking up and lugging my luggage a little easier that morning than ones before it.

What to try 5150 energy for yourself?

Check out their website at

Giveaway: Sodastream Sodamix

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SodaStream Fountain Mist Giveaway

My favorite time of the year is arriving! The holiday times are the best time of the year and one popular beverage related gift is the home soda making, SodaStream. I will lucky enough to get mine about a year or two ago to review and I have been using it ever since. I currently have a overloaded amount of my favorite Sodamix, Fountain Mist. That’s where all my readers come in. I am trying to jump start this blog and want to get my readers actively participating.

To win these two Fountain Mist Sodamixes I want you to do something very simple either Tweet to @Thirstrate or Like me on Facebook and post your favorite holiday beverage.

This contest will end at 11:59 PM EST and only US and Canada residents are eligible to win!

Disclaimer: This prize is just the Sodamix for the Sodastream machines. The Sodastream machine is NOT included with this prize pack.

Review: HyDrive Energy Extra Strength

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HyDrive extra Strength Black Cherry

As you may know I love carbonated drinks but non-carbonated drinks have their place too. I recently wanted to start playing a sport I played in college, ultimate Frisbee. I took a bottle of this HyDrive black cherry with me to the fields with me to try it out.

HyDrive extra Strength has a total of 195 mg of caffeine in one bottle, where there regular drinks have about 145mg. It has a real strong deep cherry smell. The Slim bottle profile is a bit easier to grab on the go. The base of the beverage is plain purified water. It is an enhanced water and energy drink with no carbonation. The taste starts of as a good deep cherry flavor, goes more a sweetly sour middle, and a smoother dry finish. Overall I like the taste is unique, maybe a bit too much of the citrus acid and artificial sweeteners overpowering the cherry flavor. Not bad and it’s got decent kick to it.

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