[Soda] Capt’n Eli’s Orange Pop

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Capt'n Eli's Orange Pop

Does you soda have an undersea adventure comic! I didn’t think so! Capt’n Eli’s Soda is produced in New England in Portland, Maine. It is produced by Shipyard brewing the same people that make Shipyard Beer. They made all their soda using small batch methods and using the best natural tasting ingredients they can. I was sent a sample six pack to review containing every flavor they have minus Parrot Punch.

I first found out about Capt’n Eli’s on the Downeaster Amtrak coming home from University of New Hampshire. The train that starts in Portland carried Capt’n Eli’s in its snack galley so I decided to purchase a root beer and chicken soup and relax on hour and a half ride home. Three root beers later I departed but strongly remember the company still today.

Today I tried Orange pop, if you don’t know me very well I am in love with citrus sodas. The orange, lemon, lime families are some of my favorite flavors. Before I took my first sip, I read the ingredient list and boy its short. That is a very good thing only containing: water, sugar cane, natural tangerine flavor, natural orange flavor, natural lemon flavor, and sodium benzoate.  The color is a light yellowish-orange color, like when you squeeze fresh orange juice that shade fits.

The first sip brings a big burst of carbonation tickling my pallet. It was very bright, bubbly, and crisp. The soda is very clean from the real sugar mixed in it.  The tangerine flavor is forefront in my taste buds, the sour slightly bitter citrus mixes with the fully sweet orange flavor and splash of lemon sourness. All three mix into a highly acidity sweet and sour orange taste. The taste is very much real compared to some orange sodas, very complex and very varied.

I would definitely buy this buy to stock my fridge.


[Soda] BAWLS Guarana G33K B33R

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BAWLS Guarana G33K B33R

BAWLS also sent me along with the regular BAWLS flavor, the G33K B33R bottle which I have not tried before. The BAWLS website describes the newest beverage as,

“The newest BAWLS Guarana flavor is here! Unleash your inner geek with BAWLS Guarana G33K B33R – the first-ever high caffeine root beer, spiked with guarana! G33K B33R has a smooth, refreshing root beer taste with enough caffeine to make it as strong as a cup of coffee. It’s the perfect drink for any gamer, techie, student or root beer fan in need of a tasty Bounce!”

The dark brown amber beverage pours into my cup with not as much carbonation as I have seen before in sodas. The lower carbonation makes the spices and flavorings come out a little more, but it could have had a bit more to have a nice refreshing crisp finish.

The taste is based on a sweeter root beer sweetened with high fructose  corn syrup and could have been a little lighter and smoother with a real sugar or brown sugar to give a little more complexity. The root beer flavor focuses on vanilla and anise or liquorice mixtures in my mouth. The guarana and high caffeine do not lend bitterness to the beverage but another layer of underlying spice. It was not the best root beer I have had ever, but ranks in the middle of micro-brewed root beers and beyond a simple grocery or mass produced brand of root beer. I enjoy the extra energy boost I got from the soda compared to the normal amounts found in most brand sodas.

I would buy this again in the color changing 16 oz. can form. It had a nice flavor and balance to the spices that I found nice. As far as the BAWLS brand goes, the original still is my favorite, but both are still fridge worthy for long hours of gaming or on the go.

[Soda] Fan Dewmonium Part IV: Supernova Vs. Distortion

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Supernova Vs Distortion

Diet Mountain Dew Distortion is a green, lime flavored Mountain Dew. Part of Diet Mountain Dew challenge series of flavors. It contains only high caffeine like most of the Mountain Dew’s are known for. It boosts a bright neon lime color and high carbonation. The Distortion flavor was also part of this year’s DEWmocracy: Collective Intelligence promotion and finished in third place. The lime flavor however artificial is bright and bold. I like the taste and compare it the lime version of LiveWire.

Diet Mountain Dew Supernova is a strawberry melon flavored Diet Mountain Dew. Part of Diet Mountain Dew challenge series of flavors. It contains not only high caffeine as all Mountain Dew does, but ginseng as well. It boosts a clear fuchsia color and high carbonation. Both the melon and the berry are detectable on the nose when I first smelled it. The Supernova flavor was part of the first DEWmocracy: Collective Intelligence promotion and finished in second place. The balance between the melon and strawberry was just right. Neither one overpowers the next flavor.

This is another tough decision to pick a winner, I liked both of them. I do think distortion being a recent flavor in the mind of dew heads and it being a singular flavor may give it the edge. My end decision goes to Distortion for this round but again I would be happen to have both of them win.

[Soda] BAWLS Guarana


BAWLS Guarana

BAWLS guarana is a highly caffeinated soda, which has I have seen around for the last several years. Some people confuse this soda as an energy drink, because of the guarana and caffeine.

The first time I ever had BAWLS was actually for free at a LAN center my old friend, Pat, had introduced me to in Weymouth, MA. The store has since closed but my original memories of this tasty beverage still linger.

The unique blue BAWLS, yes joke all you want, bottle has bumps that give it a different handle. I have always been a fan of glass bottle beverages, its more interesting to look at and more collectible that way. BAWLS has always had a strong relationship with BMX, gaming, and paint ball companies and I think that was an extra allure I had to the brand. I recall overnight LAN parties and countless hours playing Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 2, World of Warcraft and other games chugging away at BAWLS guarana. Recently thought the company into tough times and after failing to find a buyer, restructured and are now being back by additional investments and have resumed operations.

What does it look and smell like?

When you first open the bottle of a cold BAWLS the first thing you notice is a puff of mist. The smell has a light berry citrus smell with some vanilla overtones. The color is slightly off white toward a yellowish tinge from the guarana berry. The carbonation rushes out and lasts for a long amount of time.

How does it taste?

I have had regular guarana soda before that you would find in a Brazilian mart or maybe in the international section of your grocery store and I like this a whole lot more. The best way I can describe the taste is a blend between a citrus based lemon-lime soda and cream or vanilla cream soda. It is something unique and different indeed. The carbonation gives a nice tingle in the back of the throat as you swallow.

I had several people try this soda and everyone seemed to like it. I also asked them to describe it and when they could gave my description and they also agreed. All in all a very drinkable beverage with some familiar flavors many people can enjoy. I hope this beverage will be around for a very long time and I hope to see it in my area again for sale real soon.


[Soda] Fan Dewmonium Part III: Whiteout Vs. Crave

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Crave Vs Whiteout

A battle of the newbie versus the champion. A diet grudge match pairs the recent winner of 2010 Dewmocracy, Whiteout in a diet form. Versus Crave, a green apple flavored Mountain Dew. Whiteout has a huge fan base and my prediction will win this round hands down.

How was the look, taste, and smell of Diet Crave?

Crave is a sweet and sour apple flavor. Sounds good right?  Well not exactly. The beverage smells great like a nice sour apple aroma, the color is appropriate and a bright neon green color. The taste however needs some work. I found it quite light and too dull. When I think sour apple, I want punch and pucker. From first sip I didn’t get much of either, it needed more flavoring, more sour, and even more sweetness to bring out the flavors out. The idea of having an sour apple soda is very appealing so at the end of the can I felt dissatisfied.

How was the look, taste, and smell of Diet Whiteout?

To preface this review, I did not like Whiteout in its original form. I thought it should have landed in third place in Dewmocracy. That being said I actually enjoyed the diet version. This Dew is clear in its pour and has a sharp citrus smell to it. Highly carbonated at first quickly dies to a medium fizz. The taste is like the mix if Diet 7Up and Diet Sprite had a lovechild. The light citrus turns slightly sharp and cools into a nice lemony finish. Whiteout also has a drying effect on your mouth which is kind of nice. Diet Whiteout really won me over for this match and gets my vote for the win!


[Soda] Fan Dewmonium Part I: Flare Vs. Ultraviolet

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Flare Vs. Ultra Violet

I am a big follower of Mountain Dew, always have been. I usually drink diet sodas most often, so I was stoked when I saw a vote for a new diet Mountain Dew. Although the tasting tour is not coming to the Boston area I was able to contact the company and their were able to send me the samples to review and share with my readers my opinions.

This first match pits the old diet ultraviolet from last year versus a new comer flare, described as having a killer combination or berry and citrus.

How do they compare?

Flare poured out strong with a bold canary yellow color. The carbonation levels are very high on this beverage and as you should know by now I like. Flare was quite sweet and had a real nice balance to the berry and citrus. I liked it a lot!

Ultraviolet has that same clear neon purple color. The carbonation levels were less than flare. UV has a bitter sour taste to it and is less sugary than its competition. The flavor could be considered flat compared to the new comer. It does however have a fan base behind it already than Flare doesn’t.

How will win this round?

I really think although Ultraviolet has some fans already they may lose this round. Flare is a very complex, sweeter drink that is very drinkable. The combination of citrus and berry gives a more balanced taste than Ultraviolet. My vote goes to the newbie, Flare!

[Soda] Reed’s Raspberry Ginger Ale

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This is my first review for Reed’s ginger brews, they have provided me with a sample pack to review. Ginger for many years has been a root know for medical properties. The cure all for nausea, like what I get every time I go on a roller coaster. The beverage you mom grabs when you have a upset tummy. Lastly, to soothe that bitter sore throat that stalks you all winter long. Today’s flavor contains raspberry as a extra perk for my drinking pleasure.

How does it taste?

Topping the top open I poured the brilliant red-purple beverage into my 5oz taster glass I got from a trip to Vermont. The smell of the beverage was very interesting, it almost smelled like a fruity red wine to me. Tasting it for the first time I got a rush of tart raspberry, lemon, and blackberry on my palate. Returning to taste again I looked for the ginger this time. Left on my tongue and on the back end of my taste buds I got that familiar heat and lingering tasting that ginger is know for. The carbonation level for me on a strong fruit beverage is important, in this ginger ale in my opinion the carbonation level could have been a bit higher and the sugar level a bit lower allowing that fresh ginger to have a little more presence with the fruits.

Would I buy this again?

I am torn on this one. Although I loved the fresh ginger taste, the brown bottle to protect against sunlight, and the color. I could not get past the sweetness. My sister, who I often use as a guinea pig also tried it and loved it! I think for my tastes if it was a little less sweet it would balance the fruit and ginger more and make for a real killer beverage. In about a week or so I will either be reviewing Reed’s extra, premium, or cherry which all will have a bit more bite to them.