Rip It Lime Wrecker

Before work the other day I was feeling pretty low on my energy stores so I went to a dollar store near my eye doctors to see if they had any good selections. To my chagrin there was not much of a selection. But one line of products did happen to catch my eye. This can stood out to me, Rip it as I found out later is actually owned by the same company that make Shasta and Faygo, National Beverage.

I love citrus and that day I loved energy even more so I bought 6 cans for a whooping $6.30 and tried them at work that night. I was a little skeptical about a energy drink that costs 99 cents. Some ways I was right, some wrong.

The color was a bright lime green as it should and it smelled very strong of lime. The taste however was really artificial tasting. It didn’t taste horrid and had some bitter, tart, and spice notes. But the sugar bomb was almost to much for even me to handle. For 99 cents though not bad, and it had a bit of a kick after the second drink.

My final thought is if you want an affordable energy drink this is your choice if you don’t mind it not having the best flavor.