Maine Root Root Beer

Today I review a beverage I first found at a beer festival in Vermont. After a few too many “samples” of beer at the festival me and my old college roommate we sitting in the grass refueling on some empanadas. Looking around I saw a sign for Maine Root Root Beer Floats. I turned to my old roommate and said, “Well now that’s the true no-alcoholic beer!”. He replied, “Pfffftt that’s not even beer.” Root Beer was actually popularized in American as both an alcoholic and carbonated soft drink. Originally brewed by Native Americans with sugar, yeast, herbs, and various roots and barks it was a pharmacist from Philadelphia, Charles Hines who first commercially sold the elixir.

I received a package of samples from Maine Root after contacting them about a month or two ago. Maine Root Root Beer is the Cadillac of root beers. It was fair trade, organic, good froth, and extremely well balanced. I love the notes that were slightly stronger were anise, clove, and my favorite wintergreen. The froth or foam lasts a good bit of time especially in a chilled glass and the whole experience of drinking this takes you back to simpler times. Buy this is you like root beer next time you’re in the store.

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