Welcome IWYS viewers and Thirstrate readers! To celebrate my day with DeAndre Upshaw of promoting my blog I am running a contest.

The game is simple, to be entered into drawing for the prizes you must guess the mystery beverage dipicted above and post a comment below with the correct answer in this form:

Name or Email/Facebook or Twitter link (So I can contact you somehow):

State or Province (Contest open to residents of the US & Canada only):


I will than pick two random winners out of the correct guesses at 11:59 PM EST on Jan 15th 2012. First pull will win a $20 VISA Gift Card from Thirstrate and the second pull will win a Thirstrate T-shirt (X-Large) and a bottle of one of my favorite sodas. That’s two winners in total. Remember it is open to residents of US & Canada only and multiple guesses are allowed but please out of consideration don’t spam the comments section on this post with said guesses. Good luck and have fun with it!

UPDATE: I will holding off on accepting all comments so the contest remains fair, only wrong guesses will be accepted before the drawing so you can try again.

UPDATE II: The big winner of the $20 VISA Gift Card is Christine Lessard and the second place winner of a Thirstrate T-shirt and a bottle of soda is Geeg Wiles! Congratulations and thank you everyone for entering! Winners you will be receiving a message from me shortly for your contact info.