Who are you?

My name is David Roshinski. I am a recent graduate of the Hospitality management program at the University of New Hampshire. I am a lover of food and beverages.

When not blogging I travel, hike, geocache, and a slew of other indoor and outdoor activaties.

What are you going to talk about in your reviews?

I mainly am here to give my opinions on the new, retro, and unique beverages that are in the markets of the United States and beyond today. I do however want to impart knowledge onto my readers about terms and ingredients that the industry uses, the companies, and other facts I find interesting. I lastly am here to answer questions to the best of my ability and have conversations with you, my readers, because that’s makes this own blogging experience fun to me. The people you meet, the business and companies connection I make, memories we share, stories we tell, and opinions we discuss.

What do I look for in beverage xyz?

Well, it all depends on the type of beverage or drink it is?

For something like a fruit based soda I look for taste as I do with all potables. I determine if the taste it representative of its namesake fruits it contains, I look for what I define as a real flavor versus an artificial flavor. I want to see that the carbonation of the soda holds is long lasting. I want a crisp and refreshing rush over my taste buds. Basically I want the beverage to make me want to come back to it.

All other beverages and drinks I look for different things. Beer I typically have a lower hop tolerance than most hop-heads. I like certain styles for versus others but some of those I don’t drink still surprise me. Lastly I look for certain common things like balance, flavor, head, and carbonation. Tea I look for taste and tannins, that special mouth drying sensation that is in tea and wines. Coffee I look for flavor, balance, smell, acidity, and smoothness.

So on and so on.


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