Capt'n Eli's Orange Pop

Does you soda have an undersea adventure comic! I didn’t think so! Capt’n Eli’s Soda is produced in New England in Portland, Maine. It is produced by Shipyard brewing the same people that make Shipyard Beer. They made all their soda using small batch methods and using the best natural tasting ingredients they can. I was sent a sample six pack to review containing every flavor they have minus Parrot Punch.

I first found out about Capt’n Eli’s on the Downeaster Amtrak coming home from University of New Hampshire. The train that starts in Portland carried Capt’n Eli’s in its snack galley so I decided to purchase a root beer and chicken soup and relax on hour and a half ride home. Three root beers later I departed but strongly remember the company still today.

Today I tried Orange pop, if you don’t know me very well I am in love with citrus sodas. The orange, lemon, lime families are some of my favorite flavors. Before I took my first sip, I read the ingredient list and boy its short. That is a very good thing only containing: water, sugar cane, natural tangerine flavor, natural orange flavor, natural lemon flavor, and sodium benzoate.  The color is a light yellowish-orange color, like when you squeeze fresh orange juice that shade fits.

The first sip brings a big burst of carbonation tickling my pallet. It was very bright, bubbly, and crisp. The soda is very clean from the real sugar mixed in it.  The tangerine flavor is forefront in my taste buds, the sour slightly bitter citrus mixes with the fully sweet orange flavor and splash of lemon sourness. All three mix into a highly acidity sweet and sour orange taste. The taste is very much real compared to some orange sodas, very complex and very varied.

I would definitely buy this buy to stock my fridge.