Starbucks VIA Iced Coffee

I long while back I received a free package of the newest VIA ready made coffees to come out of the Starbucks labs. The interest for me was the fact it was a ready made iced coffee.

I am truthfully not the biggest fan of Starbucks for three reasons: I am low on funds constantly, theres not a lot around in Massachusetts in my area, and I am not the biggest fan of dark, real bold coffee. I mean if I have to drive twenty minutes to the nearest Starbucks when I have probably 40 or so coffee shops in my area before that, I am not going to be going to the physical location Starbucks Stores anytime soon.

But now the planets have seemed to all align and they introduced a retail, iced coffee that is more accessible and designed to have around the house for on the go or a lazy afternoon, I don’t know, writing a review on coffee maybe.

The process of making this iced beverage is quite simple. Rip or cut open the over-sized pouch. Pour the contents into a tall glass and added 16.9 oz of cold water. That’s right, the same amount in a water bottle if you have those around or it’s just a little more than 2 cups. Use a spoon to stir vigorously for about twenty seconds to thirty seconds. Add whatever extras you want, like cream, ice, or flavorings, and enjoy.

This morning being out of a vanilla hazelnut mix I have, I opted for a my standard half & half and 2 ice cubes.

Before adding sugar, I tasted the coffee to see if I would need it since it does contain some cane sugar already in the microground mix. To my surprise i found the sugar just right to not kill the delicious coffee flavor but at the same time make it very drinkable. The coffee itself blended into the water well and had a bold flavor and a certain smoothness to it I found very soothing and refreshing. Like I mentioned before I am usually not one for a very strong coffee but with my little bit of half & half the balance seemed spot on.

I would definitely be happy ponying up the 5 dollars or so for a 5 pack of these to keep in my room at all times. One dollar per Starbucks quality iced coffee is worth ever penny even if I have to buy my own half & half to add to it. I hope they come out with some variations on the iced brand with some flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, and cinnamon but I have no news on if they will yet.