Function LW

Function drinks is a company that launched back in Southern California back in mid-2005. They wanted to focus on producing a beverage company that focused on using natural chemical combinations and components to make a drinkable aid for specific functions of everyday life.

My first experience with the company was back in either 2006 or 2007 when I was part of the University of New Hampshire’s Ultimate Frisbee team, Alice. I had set out to the center of Durham, New Hampshire to go to a local shop for a internet cable and a screwdriver. I noticed a big black truck and a table setup giving out free cold drinks. That company was function, I was asked what type of drink I needed. The staffer explained what each one’s function and flavor and I went with Sports Shock, a lemon-lime flavor, focused on bringing you back into the game quickly and aiding with joints and muscles.

Shooting back to the future when I was looking for interesting drinks to share with you my readers I asked function and they sent me samples. Currently the flavor I remember way back when is benched for now. But they sent me three distinct types, light weight, urban detox, and alternative energy.

Today I tried a freshly chilled light weight before heading to my morning workout. The drink pours out to a light, clear ruby red color. It contains only ten calories per bottle and uses EGCG, Caffeine, Gymnema, Polygonium Cuspidatium to “ignite your metabolism” and “support your body’s natural calorie burning abilities”.

The drink itself has a nice fruity smell of a light fruit punch. The flavor is supposed to be blueberry raspberry, but both me and my sister got different colors on our palates. My sister thought strawberry kiwi and I got more a strawberry raspberry. Never the less, we both didn’t think it was too sweet and the artificial sweetener while present wasn’t too strong. What I also could tell of the drink is that is has something in it that draws moisture from the mouth a bit, a dry taste you might say.

Overall I thought the drink ranked of the top of my lighter calorie drinks. Still near the top on drinks to help with my metabolism. Now while I am not a chemist and don’t know if they drink really does what it says, a pretty good tasting drink is still a good thing.