This is my first review for Reed’s ginger brews, they have provided me with a sample pack to review. Ginger for many years has been a root know for medical properties. The cure all for nausea, like what I get every time I go on a roller coaster. The beverage you mom grabs when you have a upset tummy. Lastly, to soothe that bitter sore throat that stalks you all winter long. Today’s flavor contains raspberry as a extra perk for my drinking pleasure.

How does it taste?

Topping the top open I poured the brilliant red-purple beverage into my 5oz taster glass I got from a trip to Vermont. The smell of the beverage was very interesting, it almost smelled like a fruity red wine to me. Tasting it for the first time I got a rush of tart raspberry, lemon, and blackberry on my palate. Returning to taste again I looked for the ginger this time. Left on my tongue and on the back end of my taste buds I got that familiar heat and lingering tasting that ginger is know for. The carbonation level for me on a strong fruit beverage is important, in this ginger ale in my opinion the carbonation level could have been a bit higher and the sugar level a bit lower allowing that fresh ginger to have a little more presence with the fruits.

Would I buy this again?

I am torn on this one. Although I loved the fresh ginger taste, the brown bottle to protect against sunlight, and the color. I could not get past the sweetness. My sister, who I often use as a guinea pig also tried it and loved it! I think for my tastes if it was a little less sweet it would balance the fruit and ginger more and make for a real killer beverage. In about a week or so I will either be reviewing Reed’s extra, premium, or cherry which all will have a bit more bite to them.