Cherry 7-UP

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Yes the picture above is the old Cherry 7-UP, not that new antioxidant crap.

Thinking way back to when I was about five years old, I used to actually stay over and hang out at my grandmothers house while my parents worked. Between watching game shows and cartoons, my grandmother would call me into the kitchen for a sandwich and my favorite soda.

My grandmother is ninety years old and this is a link to past and a close connection we had. For me it brings back very good memories.

Recently, though I cannot find I can not find the exact soda we used to drink. But I did buy the newer 7-Up and me and my grandmother had a old time sandwich. I had corned beef, clow slawn, and a half sour pickle. My grandmother had a beef tongue, mustard, and we both had a glass of Cherry 7-UP and reminisced about her old house, old friends, and old memories.

So in the comments mention a beverage that brings back memories of the past and give us a story attached to it.