Donut House Chocolate Glazed Donuts

Today for something different I am reviewing a k-cup. Don’t know what a K-cup is? A K-cup is a single serve dose of coffee designed for a Kuerig coffee machines, it’s like having a coffee vending machines in your own house. The flavors vary and include flavored, regular, decaf, specialty drinks, iced drinks that are designed to be iced down, and teas. This series of donut house is inspired by the diner or donut hut coffee many people drink daily. The chocolate glazed donut has a bitter cocoa taste and a creamy cake like mouth feel to it. It resembles a donut but doesn’t quite make my favorite list. I have had better coffee flavors before but this one is a very unique flavor most will appreciate. I also have to premise that I am not a hot coffee drinker so my brewing and taste buds are a little skewed on this taste. Its definitely worth a try and the regular donut house is really worth it alone. Green Mountain coffee owns this coffee line and I have always enjoyed the product they put out and have even visited the main store in Vermont.


Pros –
Slightly sweet
Tastes close to what it promises
Unique flavor
Excellent theme to series
Complex chocolate notes

Cons –
A little too bitter for my taste
Could be more chocolaty but what couldn’t
Could be a touch sweeter

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