Arnold Palmer Zero

So before I set my mouth on fire from my “lite jalapenos” on my sub from subway I dived into this treat. Arnold Palmers are one of my favorite drinks that AriZona Beverage Company produces. This version had zero calories and is a nice fit on my diet. Compared to the lite version I actually enjoy this one better. Why you ask? By removing the small amount of HFCS or high fructose corn syrup that they were using, they increase that drying effect a good tea gives and with the light lemon overlay it sure is a refreshing drink.


Pros –
Good tea flavor
Zero calorie
23 oz of deliciousness
Great after a hot outdoor adventure
Lemon flavor is still there
Great can design

Cons –
Might need a bit more lemon flavor to balance the mix
Price was a little more than the usual .99 cent tall cans

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Question of the Post – Whats your drink of choose to cool down with?