Helix Energy + Ginseng

Helix Energy + Ginseng is today’s drink of choice. I got a envelop of two samples in the mail from them. This zesty citrus beverage packed a punch and gave me a energy charge for a good solid four hours after a good day of geocaching and excising. The flavor is a solid sweet pungent orange taste that may be a tad sweet for some people but considering the reduction in sugar and calories compared to other energy drinks its only a issue if your very sensitive to sweet. The drink reminds me of the flavor profile of a orange Kool-Aid or Tang, so if you already like those this is a perfect fit for with a kick. The Helix drink comes in a drink pack like the crystal light packs that you just mix in a bottle of 16.9 oz water and away you go. One cool idea I have also tried is to carbonate mine with my soda machine I have or you can use soda water instead and have some carbonation in your drink as well.


Pros –
Provides a noticeable boost to energy
Easy to mix with other flavors
Awesome looking design and name
Portable and inexpensive compared to other energy drinks
Lower calorie and sugar per drink than average

Cons –
May be a little to sweet for some
Flavor we have seen before

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