Sobe Lifewater Agave LemonadeSo here it is! My first beverage review and I got Sobe for it.

Much to my chagrin it didn’t contain what I best know agave for tequila, although it did have a refreshing drink inside. Maybe Ill have to try it again with a slight modification.

Nor was it the elusive prop from one of my favorite movies, Employee of the Month, with Dane Cook among others. If you don’t get this reference your dead to me.

Sobe has always been known for their creative dance numbe…. oh wait that’s their commercials and ads. A few that stick off were the thriller, lizard lake, and the sexy SI body paint ad.

Agave Lemonade caught my eye as an interesting summer flavor. So when I got home from the store after paying a whole one dollar per bottle I chilled it right down. The first taste is a sweet citrus flavor with a long drawn tropical like flavor reminiscent of that white flavor in the five original life savers package that I never fully liked. Even though it wasn’t that strong it was not what I was expecting of a agave twist. I have always like Sobe cause they are different. Not a bad way to start off the summer.


Pros –
Refreshing thirst quencher
Nice citrus flavor
Chance to win stuff
Light weight bottle
Sexy corkscrew bottle design
Vitamins and energy
Surfing at the beach
Awesome commercials

Cons –
Reminds me to much of white lifesaver
Wish the yerba mate was a little more pronounced
Miss the glass bottles
Not winning free stuff (Heads!)

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Question of the Post – What is your favorite Sobe flavor? If you haven’t had Sobe, What is your favorite retile?

Mines a gecko cause I hear he can save me money on car insurance!